Peddler on the Path is dedicated to bringing you refreshment, nourishment, and style - where you need it most, wherever you are.

The Peddler on the Path Mobile Cafe is quickly becoming a Tucson icon with a loyal and growing group of happy customers. And who can blame them? Where else can you have hot coffee or cool refreshments served with such style and flair?

We won't pretend that Peddler on the Path is sweeping the nation. In reality, it's just a guy who loves to make people happy, be out and about where people are having fun, serve great coffee drinks, and show off his tricked out mail truck. If you'd like to have us roll up to one of your events, get in touch with us.

We're having fun, and we hope to see you doing the same - out on the path!


Read the article about us in the Arizona Daily Star.

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